Well Known Hospitals for Neuro Cases

feature-3Though it has been a practice that every public and private hospitals should have a depart for neuro cases, still it is very much important for each hospitals to have an “expertise” in the field of Neurology in order to ensure the wellness of the patient. Read More→

How to Become a Neuro Surgeon

feature-2Becoming a Neuro Surgeon requires a major studies in different areas related to the Human Body until the expertise in the said field has been fulfilled. Achieving and completing all the requirements as a Neuro Surgeon with proper training and experience will be something that a surgeon should be proud of. Read More→

What is Neuro Surgery?

feature-1Nuerological surgery or Neuro Surgery is the medical specialty which are concerned with the treatment, diagnosis, rehabilitation and prevention of conditions, illnesses and injuries which affect any part of the nervous system and its support structures, including peripheral nerves, brain, spinal cord, actual nerves, skull, the bones of the spine, as well as the blood vessels, spinal disk, extra-cranial cerebrovascular system, ligaments and the defensive coverings that offer support to the nervous tissues. Intervention by a neurosurgeon can be surgical yet is frequently non-surgical and is controlled by the condition or damage as well as the general health of the individual. Such issues may be the result of irregular advancement from birth like congenital, from maturing or wear and tear is degenrative, traumatic from a positive damage, infectious, neoplastic from a tumor or it might be identified with other therapeutic condition of ailment. Read More→